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The script given here has totally been rewritten as Perl modules. These have been much more tested than this old script. Please use theses modules on CPAN than this script, still here for history.

The modules on CPAN permit much more than just a mere text view of the configuration:

These modules are available in my CPAN directory.

SDS/SVM manager

Solstice Disksuite (aka. Solaris Volume Manager) is a beast to administer. When you have to create lots of volumes, when you need to use for these a huge number of soft-partitions, you'll rapidly get lost.

I was in that situation, so I wrote the following script, which I use and augment from time to time to ease SDS administration. The Perl written there may not be clean, lean nor idiomatic, but it works™.

You can download it

The changelog is included in the script, but is mostly in french, as most of the messages (especially error messages).

Here is the usage banner:

SDS Manager - Jerome Fenal, LogicaCMG France
$Revision: 1.5 $

        ./  [-c] [-i id] command ...
  [-f <metastat-p.txt>]  :  use <metastat-p.txt> as "metastat -p" cmd output
  [-c]                   :  turn coloured output on
  [-h]                   :  show this help text
  [-i <newdevid>]        :  use newdevid as new metadevice id
                            instead of first avail.
  showaxis               : show available axis
  showpart               : show partitions of all the disks involved
  getnextdev             : retrieve the next free device
  isdevfree [d]num       : is the device <dnum> free ?
  showconfig             : view all the config
  showsp [<dev|slice>+]  : view all devices on device or slices
  getphysdevs <dev>      : show physical device(s) underlying a SDS device
  getsubdevs <dev>       : show underlying device(s) for a SDS device
  explaindev <dev>       : tries to explain a SDS device in pure english

  mpondev <dev>          : mount point on <dev>
  mpondisk <disk>        : mount point on <disk> (in a form present in SDS)
  devs4mp </mountpoint>  : what are the devices underlying a mount point
  disks4mp </mountpoint> : what are the physical devices underlying a mount point

  mkmirror <axis> <size> [<mp>] : make mirror on specified axis
    axis : from $o showaxis
    size : see man metainit (section Soft Partitions)
    mp   : mount point (optional)

  <dev> has the form dnumber as in d1 or d165
  <slice> has the form cxtydzst as in c0t0d0s0

and more not yet documented...

Do not forget to update the %Axis hash if you want to create new devices (mirrors).

Feel free to mail me at jfenal AT for updates, comments, patches, and so on.

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